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Since 1926



La Rambla has always been the artery of the important events that happened in Barcelona. It has seen celebrating social, political and sporting victories. Couples walking in love: first with their carbines, then with their children and later with their grandchildren. It has experienced the pain of war or fire and has been the scene of large winter snowfalls and summer terraces and street music.

And in this artery, since 1926, Nuria: heart of the life of a city in constant change. A place to meet and come cross.

With friends, with life... or with yourself.

Route information
We want that Barcelonians back to "ramblear" –passing up and down La Rambla”- again as before, but with the new experiences we offer.
  • Ham croquettes 4,80

    Traditional style (2 units)

  • Fried aubergine 6,50

    With molasses

  • Fried eggs 8,50

    With French fries and Iberian ham

  • Seafood paella 18,70

    Shrimps, clams, mussels and cuttlefish

  • Salt cod au gratin 16,70

    With garlic mayonnaise.

  • Veal entrecotte (250gr.) 20,50

    With vegetables and french fries garnish

  • Catalan caramelized custard cream 5,60

    Cream egg yolk and milk, topped with toasted sugar


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